Hacks To Carry A Saree More Gracefully And Comfortably?

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Steer clear of wearing ill-fitted blouses because it’s only going to add to that messiness. Also, try to keep the length of your blouse medium (not too long and not too short), making you overall look more natural and less-stuffy. Don’t try blouses with horizontal stripes, they’re only going to make you look broader. You can also try out specific sarees for short ladies while you’re out shopping for your blouses.

You just need to know how to wear a saree to look slim. Every drape serves a different purpose, and looks different and thus is fashion forward. Here is a low-down on how to wear saree in different style step by step.

Learn How to Wear Indo Western Style Saree: Step by Step

This style looks iconic with trending saree designs like a printed saree or a plain saree with an embroidered pallu. This sophisticated look is ideal for work wear and family functions. You can make the pallu of the saree even before draping the saree.

This will not keep your pallu from getting displaced. There’s a huge pool of looks that we might be missing out, but we are absolutely in awe with the ones above.

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These expensive but gloriously attractive sarees come in handy especially in the wedding season. Similar to the lehenga, half sarees were once the most fashionable attire among young women. Today, the style is back to becoming a coveted look thanks to the wide variety of designs, styles, textures, and colours that they now come it. We may have even let slip a swear word or two when we almost tripped over.

An embellished corseted blouse with a concept drape saree can instantly up your outfit game by many folds. Due to being pre-stitched they are easy to carry and give a suave gown-like feel. This victorian-meets-Indian style is perfect for an evening party when you are in the mood for the Indo-western style, you can wear this look and get some heads turning. Look urban in this palazzo style of wearing a saree which you can create by styling a dupatta on a crop top that blends with the colors of the outfit. This is one of the unique ways to wear a saree and carry a contemporary chic look, perfect for modern work environments. Be it the scorching summers, or the chilly winters, cotton can be worn any time of the day with ease pin up casino aviator.

Learn How to Wear Cotton Saree Perfectly: Step by Step

Some people may take offense to a bright red or purple lipstick and bring undue attention to your face. Maintaining a good skin health and using a light foundation with a minimalist makeup can save your time and still make you look impressive as a corporate lady. Refer to my blog about makeup tips for professional women here for more details. You can use a pleat maker as shown below, as we understand that this is the hardest part of wearing a saree. On the off-chance that you really want some prints on your saree, then you can definitely go for vertical stripes.

Here are 15 genius saree wearing styles for the short girl. Well, there are many saree draping styles to look slim and many saree materials to look slim.

Saree Shapewear

Whereas the introduction of Mysore silk sarees was done by Maharaja of Mysore, Krishna Raj Vadhiyar who travelled to London to attend Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Celebration. He was inspired by the machine-made silk fabrics that the royal families wore. He then imported around 32 power looms to India and thus started manufacturing of Mysore silk sarees. Initially, these sarees were more prominently used among the royal families.

But we know it is not that easy as it keeps sliding back on your shoulders. Venture into street style by pairing your saree with a rugged pair of denim. Slip into your go-to denim shirt with a rather traditional saree and accessorize. The denim trend train doesn’t stop here, you can pair your saree with everything denim- skirts, shorts, you name it! Just dip your toe to test the waters by layering a denim jacket over your saree to complete the look. Spice your look with a fitted graphic tee acting as the blouse.

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The length of the saree will rely on the height of your heels. To get the saree tucked properly, you should use a handful of safety pins . For darping a saree perfectly, you must keep these things in mind. You can either go with a stick-on bra or a strapless bra. Both of these are great to sport dresses that are backless, strapless, off-shoulder etc. When wearing an off-shoulder blouse, the sleeves should be on point so that you look your best.

Hope you love this amazing saree draping guide, visit online shopping sites and shop some sarees, learn how to tie a saree perfectly and slay in any occasion. A hit among celebrities, this has become a sought after look with contemporary sarees.

How to wear your sari in interesting ways this season

Your petticoat must contrast your saree well and you should always get the blouse stitched with good fitting. Loose blouses give a hideous look and will spoil whole look. We recommend pinning it right at the back of your shoulder.

– Do not wear a flared petticoat with a Mysore silk saree. When you are going to a wedding or a reception party, wear a designer Mysore silk saree to grab attention. Skip the usual lehenga and drape yourself in this traditional silk saree for an elegant and gorgeous look. One of the best parts of draping a saree (traditional saree draping styles) is its pallu!

Saree Wearing Styles For Parties

But as time passed, it became popular among the other people too. Style Tips for Wearing a Mysore Silk SareeAll women love Mysore silk sarees.

It is also incredibly simple to wear and carry because of its skirt-like form. Just drape your saree over it and flaunt your new curvy figure. Use a pair of small beads where the safety pin enters and leaves the fabric, as shown in this picture. This will prevent the pin from accidentally tearing the saree during a sudden pull or jerk.


In this also the pin will prove to be very helpful for you. You have to set the pallu plates of the saree well first and then put a pin in it. Put this pin where you are going to put the pin by placing the pallu on the shoulder. Doing this will also help you get an idea of ​​how big you want the pallu to be. Buy more cotton ones to get a fuller figure if you’re skinny. Petticoats can make a saree appear bulkier, whereas shapewear enhances your body, holds the saree in place, makes you look in shape.

Like most regions in India, Bengal too has its traditional way of draping sarees. Though not an everyday style among Bengali women any more, they still adopt this style of draping on special occasions such as Durga Puja or at family weddings. For all our readers and fellow fashion fiends, we have curated these chic styles of wearing a saree that is contemporary and look good on women of any age. You can blend vintage, classy, bohemian, and contemporary styles and give the drape an urban twist.

How To Wear A Silk Saree PerfectlyStep By Step Tutorial

Follow these style tips given below- Mysore silk sarees can flatter any body type. Therefore, curvier women can wear this saree when they are going to a party or any ethnic occasion. Instead of wearing an Anarkali, opt for a Mysore silk saree for a graceful look. Pinup the tip of your saree pallu gently and allow the rest of the saree fall on your hand.

The journey of traditional sarees taking the contemporary route has seen a pleasant headway over time which indeed has swarmed the fashion screens and markets alive. Since then it has been tweaked to fit each decade with designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Satya Paul and Sabyasachi Mukherjee giving us the chills these days. Off-late, many innovative saree draping styles are coming into focus.

Check out the 6 saree hacks that every woman should know to look elegant and stylish in any saree.

Now that we have seen how to pick the right saree and wear it correctly, let us now focus on accessories and jewelry that goes well with a formal saree. Use a high neck blouse or one with collar, avoid backless, low-line or round neck blouses.

So, let’s discuss today what are the problems faced by a woman when she decides to wear a saree to a professional situation like our offices and business meetings.

How To Wear Saree: Trendy Saree Wearing Styles

A fresh take on the Maharashtrian saree, the dhoti saree is twisted over pants to give off that fusion vibe. Not only the draping style but the blouse can be played with too, team it up with a flared, off-shoulder blouse and walk it all with oomph and style. You could choose fabrics for the petticoat from satin, silk, and cotton. With an adjustable drawstring and no extra frills at the petticoat.

Yes, you’re cute and fun-sized but being a short girl comes with its own set of problems. Especially when it comes to wearing Indian wear, particularly a saree. But a few clever styling tricks and tips can solve this problem.

How to Wear a Saree- Step by Step Tutorial

Two pins, one on top and one in the center, should be used to secure the pleats. In this method, the possibility of pleats unfolding is less and the pin in the middle ensures that they are arranged nicely. Saree pins can improve the overall look of the saree in addition to serving as a practical accessory to hold the pallu in place. Coloured pins are a fantastic method to camouflage any pinning. Additionally, use high-quality pins only, as cheap ones can harm the fabric. To know the exact length of your saree, you should wear your heels (footwear) before draping it.

Choose from these 10 styles of wearing a saree and look your elegant best. The first step to acing any saree style is understanding different styles and drapes. Which is why, you need to know how to wear saree step by step. Plus, a win-win for the Indian beauty that you’ll look. We at Bewakoof believe that sarees are trendy, gorgeous and modern and can be worn on both casual and formal occasions.

How to drape a saree in Bengali style

Pinning a complimentary embroidered dupatta on a sheer solid saree with an off-shoulder blouse is just one way to do it. A unique and elegant blend of wearing a saree for the young hearts or women of any age. You all will agree with me that there is something special about silk sarees. But to pull it off with an arresting look is bit tricky. It is very important to drape it properly because of it’s smooth texture. So in this video/post I am sharing step by step tutorial to drape silk saree perfectly.

Light Pearl neck wears, and simple gold and platinum jewelry are easily accepted. Pin up the saree with the pallu firmly and do not leave it hanging.

Wear A Well Fitted Blouse

A unique feature of the saree is that different regions have their own saree draping styles. But this versatile attire lets you add your personal touch to it as well. Traditionally, all sarees used to be worn with ready-made, standard sized, cotton petticoats that came with a drawstring. One would choose a petticoat that matched the base colour of the saree it was to be worn with and there wasn’t much more to it. Today, petticoats are available in a variety of fabrics, patterns and styles and can even be made to order to fit your body type.

But it can keep you from having fun if you don’t pin it right. On an off-shoulder blouse, ladies often get confused. All you need to do is fix your pallu at a place where you will have maximum support. For the love of Handloom sarees and minimalistic style, this is the drape to try. Try this offbeat look by wearing a cotton saree that looks dressy, elegant, and contemporary.